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Amanda - 30-09-2016 11:56:00
I recomened MM every Day of the week! Once I payed I receved my Stroller after 9 days. Im very happy! +++++
Johanens - 22-09-2016 12:00:00
Order was delivered at your doorstep on 6-10, sorry for the delivery time. But now you also have the new latest model with leatherlook pushbar, the old one was sold out. Thats why the later shipment. Thanks, Moeders Mooiste. BIG ALERT!! I heard some good reputations of this shop and placed an order. Everything seemed fine by the mail contact, I got an order by mail with paymentdetails and made the payment. Since then (5th of september) I have heard nothing. I dont know if they have recived the money, they don't even answer my e-mails and i have sent three mails since then. Tomorrow I will contact my bank to see what happened with the payment and the second step is to contact the police.
Jenny - 01-09-2016 10:54:59
I'm so happy that I chose MM. Good contact and very fast delivery. They surprised me by sending the latest news that had not even been released yet, leather handle and leather bumper. I will definitely order again and recommend to others!
Emilie - 11-07-2016 21:38:08
Second time we order our from Moeders Mooiste - last time we ordered our Bugaboo Donkey and this time we ordered a Bugaboo Bee! Very pleased with both the service and the product. Fast smooth shipment - directly to my front door!! If the rest of your website would be in english - I would probably buy more;) Highly recommended!! Emilie, Barsebäck, Sweden
Johanna - 10-07-2016 09:22:30
Just want to say im very pleased whit my order! Everything look great very fast shipment and the contact whit MM was good! Will order again from you! Tanks once again/ Johanna
Jakob - 20-04-2016 08:22:52
We bought a Bugaboo Donkey Duo on sunday last week and the packaged arrived 5 days later in Gothenburg, Sweden. Very happy with the service and the product. / Jakob
Fredrik - 16-04-2016 12:30:07
Great deals and excellent customer service and support! The shipment to Sweden went smooth. Fredrik
Anni - 15-04-2016 11:32:18
I placed an order on a Bugaboo Bee3 about two weeks ago. They received my payment last friday and they told me that they would send the order the week after. A week from payment have passed and no trackingnumber or e-mail that my order have been sent.
Martin Ericsson - 21-03-2016 21:40:08
Fantastic customer service and support! Great deals and super convenient shipment. We got our new Bugaboo Donkey stroller delivered to Gothenburg Sweden in under 3 days. Highly recommended! Martin, Gothenburg, Sweden
Kelly Visser - 12-02-2016 10:07:24
Wij zelf vinden het ook vervelend, jurkje blijkt niet meer hier op vrr te zijn en hebben de voorraad moeten aanpassen. Dit blijkt helaas zo aan het einde van de sale wel eens te gebeuren, foutje gedurende het jaar komen er dan pas uit. Wij hadden hem U graag willen leveren. Groeten, Han Online een jurkje van Jottum besteld en betaald en aangegeven dat ik het in de winkel op zou komen halen. Wordt er net gebeld dat het jurkje er niet meer is. Erg vreemd, het lijkt mij toch dat zoiets dan apart wordt gelegd! Ik baal enorm, aangezien ik het jurkje had besteld voor onze bruiloft. Het was de eerste en meteen ook de laatste keer dat ik iets bij deze winkel heb gekocht!